About Great Mega Mall (GMM)

We are a business Based in Delhi (India), our goal of starting GMM is to change Wholesale Market scene here in India. We have not hired MBAs and have no plans to do so in the near future – just so we keep our costs low and pass-on those cost savings to you, our customer. That said, do not under-estimate our hunger for Customer Satisfaction and Kick-ass Gear.

We directly deal with Manufacturers and do not have middle-men, so that we ourselves can get the best support possible from the Manufacturer. The manufacturers that we deal with are well reputed in the Industry. We know these companies and their quality since ages. Our priority is to get Top Quality & Support from our manufacturers while keeping prices competitive. We know what we sell very well.

We are here to get you the best gear For best Prices for Wholesale as well as Retail and to give you the best experience possible – both before and after sales.
Our mission is simple: To help Small Business by Providing Them easy and reliable access of wholesale products.

We also care about normal Consumers as we Provide The Best Products in competitive prices.

So Buy With Confidence.